I’ve become neurotic…

Well it’s been a while for a number of different reasons. After the disappointment of a couple of unsuccessful months around the holidays, hubby and I decided to take a little time off from the “crazy baby making” as I like to refer to it. It was (is) beginning to consume me. My (private) “oh baby” Pinterest board reached an all time high of 500+ pins and I quickly realized this whole baby thing is starting to make me neurotic! I deleted the board and put the basal thermometer and ovulation kit away for a while…

In other news…two of our great friends recently had babies and we are enjoying giving them lots of love! One of my very best friends also announced her pregnancy at the holidays. While I’m very excited for her I was overcome with a mix of emotions (which I’m embarrassed to admit) especially since she wasn’t even “trying”! Ugh!



There’s a first time for EVERYTHING!

Today was an extremely draining and emotional day! I finally confronted two colleagues about some unprofessional and ridiculous behavior that’s been brewing since school started (I’m a teacher). If you knew me you, would know confrontation is one of my least favorite things. You would also know that I would go to blows for my kiddies (students). So it finally boiled to my breaking point and I let them have it! I said what needed to be said in a professional manner but was sure to be clear that their behavior was inexcusable. I closed with “I would encourage you both to attack issues in the future with professionalism, first thinking of what is in the best interest of our students.” I walked out and went to my car to proceed to my dramatic exit…only to find a flat tire waiting! GREAT! Hubby was at work and couldn’t leave so this happened….


There is truly a first time for everything folks! I am in fact capable of putting air in my own tire (with of course detailed directions from hubs)!

Add in a screaming headache, a student that claps and screams all day, breakfast and recess duty (30 degrees) and that was my day! Tomorrow is the day I’ll take my pregnancy test! I’m hoping I can blame my headache and my uncharacteristic confrontation on pregnancy hormones! Here’s to hoping!

Two weeks is a LONG TIME!!!

As previously discussed, every month since we began “trying” I’ve devised an elaborate plan for making my pregnancy announcement to my hubs and to our families. Thanksgiving would have been perfect! I had a plan for Johnny, my family and his all ready to go! Everyone was together and it would be an awesome way to kick off the holiday season! So…I took a home pregnancy test on Wednesday morning and got a negative and again on Thursday, just in case, and again got a negative. I was bummed but my hubby reassured me that a Christmas announcement would be even more fun (why is he encouraging me?)! Thanksgiving with our families was still wonderful!

Okay, I was due for Aunt Flow on Friday and of course she was right on time, with all of her regular symptoms (making 12 hours of Black Friday shopping pretty uncomfortable). The only difference was it was much lighter than my normal on the first day and the second and third were just barely spotting! Weird, I’m always very regular! After a lot of “googling” and a self-diagnosis of pregnancy, cancer or random hormonal changes…I decided to call my doctor. What did she say? Wait two weeks (yeah right!) if you get a negative in two weeks…don’t worry about it?!?! First of all, 2 weeks is a LONG TIME and is that 10 days or 14? Secondly, if you get a negative don’t worry about it? Seriously? I’ve had the same 4 to 5 day Niagara Falls period since I was 13! It’s all of the sudden changed and I’m not supposed to worry about it? COME ON! So of course, I’m going to get some pregnancy tests this evening and I’ll test first thing in the morning! I should probably have stock in EPT at this point…Ugh! Has anyone ever had similar issues?

If anyone is listening…this is us…this is where we are…

I met my amazing hubby, Johnny (29…30 in May! How did that happen???) when I was 16 (he was 18). I worked at a local deli with his best friend R. R’s parents were out of town and he invited me over for a party, where I met my guy! (There’s so much more to this story, maybe it’ll come out in later posts) Shortly after we were dating. Fast forward 9 years…we got married on a beautiful October day on our 9 year “dating anniversary”!

We’ve now been married for 2 years and have decided we are ready to add a little person to our family! I had been on birth control since I was 15 (yikes!) so we thought it would be a good idea to get off ASAP! We stopped birth control in March and started “trying” immediately after I finished graduate school in August. I asked my doctor if being on BC for so long could affect my chances of getting pregnant and she assured me that I had nothing to worry about. All I can think about it how long I worked to avoid getting pregnant when I was young…now I know it’s not that easy! It ticks me off, mostly because I’m not used to not getting what I want exactly when I want it.

Every month since we’ve been trying, I KNOW I’m going to get pregnant, because I’m used to things happening according to plan! I plan out my elaborate pregnancy announcement for my family, my in-laws and my friends, for each month…depending on the holiday, etc. and each month AUNT FLOW COMES WITH A VENGEANCE!!! (Of course after I’ve spent a stupid amount of money on negative early response pregnancy tests.) So at this point…I’ve resorted to 6 am wake up calls 7 days a week to record my basal body temperature, peeing on a stick every couple of days to record my ovulation according to an ovulation predictor, scheduling sex (so not our style) during peak ovulation time and overall becoming a neurotic blog following, pinterest obsessing Mommy-wannabe! I can’t help but think maybe it’s not the right time for us! Ugh!


When things don’t go according to plan…create a blog!

I am a BORN PLANNER in a family of laid back, “go with the flow…ers”. I’d say at about age 10, I had my entire life planned out. I would graduate high school with honors (check!), go to the college of my choice (check!), graduate with a teaching degree (check!), immediately get a job (check! I got so very lucky on that one), marry my high school sweetheart (check!), buy a house (check!), complete graduate school (check!) and FINALLY have a baby! Unlike anything else in my “master plan”, having a baby doesn’t happen by simply setting a goal and going after it! My family doesn’t understand my “planning a pregnancy antics” (they just get pregnant and have babies) so I’ll be blogging as an outlet, because if I have to hear one more time just let it happen when it happens, I may punch a loved one. Hopefully I’ll find some friends along the way that understand the struggle of taking basal temperature, peeing on sticks of all variety and numerous other shenanigans I’ll save for discussion at a later time.